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GungHo Space

Super Assistants for Hong Kong SMEs Entering Mainland Development

In Hong Kong, more than 60% of enterprises are SMEs, and limited markets shares often make it difficult for them to survive. Therefore, it is a smart and vital choice to explore other markets.

Mainland China has a large population base, which has produced the world's largest middle-income group. Its strong consumption capacity is the world's largest market for high-end goods. Perhaps this is a new opportunity for Hong Kong SMEs.


In the face of the tide of Internet marketing, compared with the variety of large enterprises, the resources available to Hong Kong SMEs are relatively limited.


How can we promote products in saving way or without money to attract target customers in the Mainland?


How to use limited labor resources for higher value marketing action?


How to achieve more customer conversion than expected with mini-budget?


This article aims to help Hong Kong SMEs which are willing to develop in the Mainland and expand their markets to do marketing.


Please read it carefully. This is an important lesson on how Hong Kong SMEs can achieve a big market target.

工合空間 佛山站 洽談區

Marketing Promotion: 10% -20% service fee

Official Media Reports

Gungho Space has accumulated rich government resources and journalists resources in the Greater Bay Area market which can assist companies to gain more credibility into the mainland market and increase consumer recognition

Internet Media Launch

Provide more than 100 domestic online media advertisements to expand the audience area

Search Engine

Provide optimization services for domestic mainstream search engines and allow companies to find target customers more accurately

Business Launch

Technology industry, beauty industry, tourism industry, automotive industry, etc.

New Media Agent Service: start from 60,000 RMB 


 WeChat Public Account

With more than 1 billion active users, it is the largest internet social marketing platform in the mainland market

抖音 (1).png

Tik Tok 

The most popular short-video platform in first and second-tier cities,it is the most creative and funny new promoting platform in the mainland

小红书logo (1).png


most active platform for young female users , it is the best goods sale platform in the mainland market



National social platform, it is the most comprehensive vertical area of ​​interest in the mainland market

Market Activity:100,000RMB/each event

 Entry Estabishment:  3,000RMB/each item

  • Brand alon

  • New Product Promotion

  • Cross-border Campaign

  • Event Marketing 

  •  Enterprise Promotion

  • Baidu Encyclopedia   

  • 360 Encyclopedia               

  • Sogou Encyclopedia

  • Interactive Encyclopedia

Platform Advantage

Resource sharing, professional services

GungHo Space is a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao entrepreneurial service platform. Industrial bases have been established in Zhongshan and Foshan, which can help Hong Kong SMEs to obtain better partners and information resources and adapt to the Mainland market faster.

GungHo Space has accumulated a wealth of government resources and investor information in the Greater Bay Area market, which can help Hong Kong SMEs understand the policy release information of the Mainland in time and find more business opportunities.

The team of GungHo Space is a group of interesting young people who love the brand and know the market and can camp up with unexpected ideas of the marketing for  Hong Kong SMEs.

Hire a Marketing Director

Hiring a operation director with  more than 4 years of experience needs after-tax salary 30K

Hire a senior designer

Hiring  a senior designer with more than 3 years of experience needs after-tax salary 20K

Hire a Copywriter

Hiring  a copy planner with more than 2 years of experience  needs after-tax salary 15K

Hir an Event Planner

Hiring an activity planner with more than 2 years of experience needs after-tax salary 12K

Hire a Data Analyst

Hiring a data analyst with more than 2 years of experience needs after-tax salary 10K

Enterprise in Marketing


Well Understand Hong Kong company characteristics

 Dig deeper company needs and save operating costs

Project team management

Group operation, copywriting, design and promotion for each project

Conversion target

At least 2 operators of the project to ensure high-quality conversions​

Strong ability to transfer resources

Gungho Space is a Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao entrepreneurial base,gathering a group of entrepreneurial youth from different industries can enhance a powerful network resource.

Operational data analysis

Able to make operational adjustments precisely based on the analysis of every action of the user.

GungHo Space in Marketing

Other Marketing Agencies

Not familiar with Hong Kong company characteristics

Unable to tap deeper highlights of the company


Marketing service prices are too high to support previous investment

Chaotic operation effect

Unrestrained orders, too many service items lead to ineffectiveness

False team background

 Brag about the size of the company and ignore those who are really responsible for the project


Help Hong Kong SMEs develop the Mainland China market and provide the most professional marketing solutions


Call now: +86 18024941942


WeChat public account ID:gunghospacehk

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