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We understand our entrepreneurs clients who first time to China are not know all the relevant compliance and administrative requirements. So We provide the broad range of company secretarial services including administration and business affairs for companies or individuals with the lack of knowledge of regional resources. It is Efficiency, Effective and Save your costs.



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Basic Service


General Space Network

Assist to introduce the potential partners and corresponding resources irregularly

Reminder & Recommendation of the workshops and activities

Regularly recommend every workshops and activities in Foshan & Zhongshan

Basic Secretarial Services

  • Receive or Send packages and documents Phone calls and E-mails responses

  • Documents sorting, filing and recording

  • Visitors reception services in Space

  • Basic design for Business card and printing 

  • Transportation suggestions around the Greater Bay Area,tickets booking and cab calling services

Extra Service


Full-Scale Space Network

Introduce the potential partners and corresponding resources for 4 times a month

VIP memberships

Workshop and activities priority in Space with discounts 

Full secretarial service

  • Receive or Send packages and documents 

  • Phone calls and E-mails responses

  • Documents sorting, filing and recording

  • Visitors reception and meeting

  • Design for Business card and printing 

  • Business Trip arrangement assistance: Hotel , flight and ticket booking, routine arrangement

  • Correspondence Drafting

  • Content collection on website

  • Basic document translation between Chinese and English 

  • Recruitment Information Posting

  •  Assist with conducting public affairs in Mainland China(Handling Procedures, preparation list, etc.)

Specific Service


5.Public Affairs Agency

Process a certain public affair with customer authrorization

6.Personal Affairs Assistance 

Assist clients in personal affairs in Mainland, HK and Macau 

7.Employee Recruiting

Assist clients in posting job recruitment information

1.Internal Procurement Assistance

For business needs, we provide corresponding quotations and assist procurement

2.Basic Accounting Services  

Company tax declaration Individual income tax declaration

3.Event Attendance 

Event attendance in Foshan or Zhongshan city

4.Business Trip Accompany

Accompany clients to attend events in Foshan or Zhongshan city 

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